mandag 30. juni 2014

The Vacant Lots - Departure

Burlington duo The Vacant Lots release their debut album, ‘Departure’ on Sonic Cathedral 30 June 2014.

Order it here: soniccathedral/vacant-lots-departure-lp


The Vacant Lots are: Jared Artaud: Guitars, vocals, Wurlitzer, bass, drone box Brian MacFadyen: Electronics, vocals, drums, percussion, synths Produced by: The Vacant Lots Mixed and mastered by: Sonic Boom

mandag 16. juni 2014

onsdag 7. mai 2014

Worthless - Keep Sleeping

Beyond Beyond is Beyond
Drippy Eye Projections

tirsdag 6. mai 2014

Mystic Braves - Desert Island

Lolipop records
Burger records
Mystic Braves

tirsdag 29. april 2014

Fuzz Club Records split no 4

Split Single No. 4 in the Fuzz Club 10" Split Single Series includes legendary Alan Vega from Suicide and The Vacant Lots.

Limited to 400 copies. 300 on white vinyl / 100 on clear vinyl(exclusive to the Fuzz Club Record store). Numbered insert.
Clear vinyl have silkscreened and embossed stamped covers.

Release date May 21st.


Levitation Room

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Album stream: Jeffertitti’s Nile, ‘The Electric Hour’  
Who needs hallucinogens when you’ve got Jeffertitti’s Nile? The band — the cosmic conveyances of singer-guitarist Jeff Ramuno — this week releases its second full-length, “The Electric Hour.” Ramuno, who plays bass for Josh Tillman in Father John Misty, calls his music “transcendental space-punk doo-wop,” which uses a lot of words and hyphens where “psychedelia” would have done nicely, especially for an album that abides the mind-bending, boundary-pushing traditions of psych-rock. “The Electric Hour” was made between three studios: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros’ room in Ojai; Jazz Cats studio in Long Beach (run by Crystal Antlers’ Jonny Bell); and Seahorse Sound in downtown L.A. Tillman plays drums on the album, and a lot of other luminaries from the L.A. scene contribute as well. Intense without being linear, exploratory without being indulgent, “The Electric Hour” is Ramuno’s finest hour

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